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The future of work is going digital.

For companies who want to retain talent and stay productive, there's never been a better time to invest in digital workplace solutions that make the transition easier and less painful.

Want to be part of the revolution? Say hello to Huler!

Huler Hub is a feature-full digital workplace platform where employees come to work, play, communicate, collaborate and engage.


Unite all your content, people, tools, and comms in one single platform.

Employees use around 41 systems every single day! Switching between these tools and looking for information in a sea of systems isn't just time consuming, it's overwhelming. 

The Huler Hub digital workplace solution is like an office - but online. It's a virtual space where all of the tools and applications your business needs are accessible in just three clicks. It's also the key to shaping a better employee experience and company culture for hybrid and distributed workforces.


Improve Employee Experience
Create a positive employee experience from Day One. 

A digital workplace is a central, customisable space for employees to access everything they need to succeed. 


Fuel Collaboration
Staying collaborative and creative in a hybrid workplace can be challenging. 

A digital workplace brings employees and colleagues together, smashing down silos and encouraging teamwork. 


Be Flexible 
On a train, in a coffee shop, or at home in your sweats.

A digital workplace transcends the traditional 9-5. Give employees a tool they can use to achieve a better work-life balance without losing productivity.


Save Time
Wave goodbye to that sea of tabs you've been living in.

A digital workplace takes all the leg work out of collaborating, communicating, managing projects, referencing documents and accessing tools. 


Grow & Profit
Start focusing on the things that really matter to your business. 

A digital workplace frees up your employees time to do what they do best and helps shine a light on the tools and software that aren't providing a solid ROI.


Communicate Better
Kiss goodbye to dusty email inboxes and forgotten internal comms. 

A digital workplace works with the communication tools your employees use everyday to facilitate better communication and supercharge efficiency.


Huler is the digital workplace solution for trailblazing organisations.

  • A people-first digital workplace platform
  • Accessible from any device, anywhere in the world
  • Seamlessly integrates with third-party tools and apps
  • Reach everything you need in just 3 clicks

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Connect your mobile workforce

Access information on the go
Not all employees are based in the office or at home. Frontline, deskless, and field workers spend some, or most of their time, away from the office. But that doesn't mean they should be disconnected from the rest of your workforce.

Huler Hub offers a fully-responsive mobile experience, providing information and resources on the go within a user-friendly, branded interface.


Find information, fast

Everything you need in 3 clicks
Employees don't want to spend endless amounts of time looking for the information and files they need.

Huler's Dynamic Search presents users with relevant information based on their keywords. So, even if they don't know exactly what they're searching for, they can find it in seconds.


Make work personal

Customisation for days…
Buttoned up, one-size-fits all digital workplace solutions don't work. With Huler, employees are the architects of their own workflow.

In it, they can create links to all of their most-used software, essential content and favourite websites, then personalise each of them with different colours, images, even gifs! Oh, and forget about entering passwords constantly – with Single Sign On, one password rules them all.


Spotlight internal comms

Keep employees in the loop
Transparency and good communication is a top priority for employee engagement. Huler makes putting internal communications front and centre easy with powerful audience management features and the ability to roll-out dynamic, timely content.

Employees can also create and share their own library of personal collections, whether that be all-important reports, recipes or learning resources. 


Keep your data safe

Fort Knox has nothing on us
Skimping on security isn't our thing. The Huler Hub digital workplace platform is developed according to the OWASP Top 10 framework and hosted on Amazon Web Services. This means that all of your data is securely encrypted, stored and backed-up to the highest industry standards. 

We even pay accredited auditors to try and hack our systems, so we can stay at the forefront of security and protect our users. 


Reshape your culture

Create brand champions
Employees are more productive, empowered and confident when they feel part of something bigger. Huler Hub provides a platform from which organisations can reshape and relaunch a corporate culture that resonates with employees. 

From branding to internal comms, Huler Hub provides personalisable touchpoints for a better employee experience.

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Nothing But ❤️ For Huler ⭕

 Sites, tabs, sign-ins, APIs. Huler elegantly makes these background considerations.
The desktop to your digital world? You bet. Settle on Huler.

Perry Timms


Huler is a remarkably innovative way to change employee experience.
It meets the needs of today's digital/remote working world.

You don't know you need it...but you do.  

Laura Mazzullo

Owner | East Side Staffing


Huler is something you rarely see: workplace tech that is both incredibly useful AND very user friendly.

Matt Smith

Senior Director | Alight Solutions


 Legacy systems become less of a headache when you have an easy way to integrate them and create a unified user experience.
Many have tried, Huler will succeed.

Michelle Hazelton

Managing Director | Anders Pink

I am seeing organisations focusing on their employees experience more than ever. Huler is in a great position to drive this forward and support organisations by delivering the infrastructure to support the overall employee experience, not just focusing on one element like an LXP or LMS. Looking forward to seeing how this one plays out!

Jonathon Fletcher

Group Head of Learning Operations | Capita

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